My name's Helios Hung from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam...

I’m a new member,my name’s HeliosHung from HoChiMinh city,Vietnam…warm welcome everyone to visit my country…Come to Vietnam to see their brilliant beautiful country, enjoy their excellent food culture, and figure out how did they cope with aggressive invaders!..The beautiful country with great smile on the faces of Vietnamese wherever you meet, they are very friendly people and really warm welcome every one to their country.

Welcome , I am newbie too, Nice to hear about your country I am very eager to visit your beautiful country.

Have good time.

hi,ARH…thanks for your attention…i very admire the progress in science of your country,recently.beside i usually attend to the state of Iran’s oil exportation, because i’m a finalcial investor…nice to hear about your coutry,too. :wink:
Click to see some scenes of my country: … rscreen=20

thanks for your link and you kind comment about my country :slight_smile:

I’m from VietNam,too.Nice to meet you!!!

I’m from Vietnam too ^^