My name is Uqba Aftab Alam (student) from India...

hi my name is uqba aftab alam(student)…from india…i lke dis website …it is really nice to post ur response on speaking topics n get feed back on it…enjoy learning english…my speaking is not good…i m here to improve dat…help.

Hi Uqba,

Welcome on board.

Just one suggestion :

Please write “this” / “that” … instead of “dis,dat” (chat language?)…

Since we’re here to learn, it’s best that we start writing / typing
correctly… don’t you think ?

Happy posting.


thanks for the are right i m using chat language.I will try to refrain from using such words.

you are from samsara. where it is?

again i used “m” instead of using ‘am’…sorry

you are from?

Hi Uqba,

Thanks for your understanding.

Samsara means => the indefinitely repeated cycles of birth, misery, and death caused by karma . ^.^

BTW, I’m from France.

Have a good day.


OK…actually i searched for samsara and i found the same,but was perplexed as u put that word fill the location blank.Is there any philosphy behind that also? DON’t mind just a joke.

hi aftan slam
thanks 4 ur post. yes u write acutly english is not our mother tong or national lang and espiclly we the people of soth asia hv nt trend so much to learn othr lang compr 2 othr nation. me also face problm when i try to speak eng but dear inshllh we will ths but we need a lit effors. ys ths web is giganticaly fantnstic espiclly our both teachrs styl.

sure we will.what is your full name.where are you from?

Hi Uqba,

The word “samsara” is a sanskrit term, and in Hinduism & Buddhism, they do talk
about the “cycle of birth/death”, reincarnation …

I’ve found the word fascinating, and as I believe in this concept…
Wherever we are, we are subjected to this “vicious” circle of birth and death…
So anywhere that I go, I’m in this cycle (samsara) … ^.^

I’m interested in reading spiritual books, so if you have the same interest…
maybe we can find some time to discuss further…

Have a good day, Uqba.


dats is really laudable concept that you are following. frankly i never read such books before…but guess if you share your knowledge of what u gained till now by reading those books then i may also discover new things that obviously help me in my life in long run.

again sorry for “dat” ha ha ha…

Hi Uqba,

How are things on your end?

Don’t worry about the little mistake…
As long as you don’t write “dat” in your homework/tests ^.^

Hope all is well with you & have a good Friday & weekend.

Cheers :slight_smile:

i am really glad that you pronounce my name with accuracy.Even my friends sometimes couldn’t pronounce it correctly.i am doing good.what you do?are you holding any job?

Hi Uqba,

Thanks for your reply.

If you’d like to know more about me and what my job is …

Please go here => … _an_artist

I did introduce myself in this voice message.

I was going to record a voice message for you, but my PC was acting up again :frowning:
Therefore, please be patient, and hope you’ll be content
with the message that I left at Swey’s thread a while ago.

Thanks for your understanding & Have a good weekend. ^.^