My name is Sakariye Ali originally from Somalia, but I have lived in Finland...

Hi all

My name is Sakariye Ali originally from Somalia, but I have lived in Finland over ten years, I have registered myself in this forum about three weeks ago and I really enjoyed and benefited from this site, I have been surfing Internet for many years in search of appropriate site to improve my English language and believe or not this website outperforms all the other sites I have visited by the depth of the material, interactive exercise, audios, different level of vocabulary enhancement lessons and articles it provides to its members, it is really marvelous and brilliant job and one would only wonder how much effort and energy have been invested to generate and produce this amazing site. I wish to thank all for the splendid work that they have done and allowing us to exploit this opportunity.

By the way I would like to have someone as a pen friend so that we could exchange ideas, get to know each other and at the same time improve my English both in writing and communicating, I am very pleased to receive from you emails, post,and comments.

Thank you

Nice to meet all of you…we have a same porpose here i’m come from Indonesia I have a great expectation to improve my english throughout tis forum so you may send me an E-mail at

Pepas Eheng is a small village,this village are well-known for its tourism object such as:
A Long house
B. Handcrafting
C. Statues
D. Cemetery
E. Traditional Weapons.

A.Long House
Long house is a traditional house of Dayaknese, ( generally benuaqnese called it LOU or LUQ by Tunjungnese,Benuaq and Tunjung are sub-ethnic of Dayaknese )The type of long house are different from the shape of casual houses, where most of its material are hand made and amazingly it was constructed by uneducated person to carry out whole of the jobs related to the building’s construction, while they’re using a heavy materials of wood called ulin( ulin was classified as the strongest timber and mainly to be used for housing materials ).And also they’re commonly used a plain tools.The wall of building are made of wood en’s cover. They built it under a good cooperation amidst the society itself,they have a good relationship among each others.It had been practicing by them continuously. So they are needn’t to hire an engineer for construction of the building. The building’s room are divided into tree part of room, commonly local people here called it ” Bilik” its refer to the living room, it to be used for the family members to have a bed, Guest room is a main room,it’s unlimited for all of their families are entitled to use the room for any kinds of ceremonies.
Kitchen’s room is usually to be built separately behind of living room…
The height of Long House are 5 meters from bottom of the ground and the length of it are approximately 100 meters.Its typical house that couldn’t be found in any places besides in East Kalimantan Province,Indonesia.