My name is Berry and I'm new beginner in this forum. I'm writing a letter...

Hi everyone,

Please introduce my name is Berry and I’m new beginner in this forum. I’m writing a letter of requesting extension leave to my boss. In fact, I have to use up the rest of my leave (8 days) until 31st December 2009. As I want to use its at the middle of next year (2010), that’s why I’m writing requesting letter to my boss. Could anyone here help me to correct my English? as this is first time I work with expat (Australian). Thank you…

Dear Sir,

Due to my eight-day rest of leave and have to be used up until 31st December 2009, I am requesting your kindly approval to extend my leave until mid of 2010.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Change “kindly” to “kind”. Take away “of” then its OK …

But this sounds like one of those emails …

Dear Sir,

Due to my eight day leave and having to live in a paper bag on the street with my sixteen children and three wives who I only see twice a year, I have accumulated an amount of money to the sum of 1 million Euro. But I don’t know what to do with it or where I should put it, therefore could you please send me your …

Blood Type,
Credit card number and password,
Bank account number and password,
Telephone number,

I will then give you half the money tax free to do with what you wish.

love Anny!!

Berry, I’m sorry but it sounds like there are still some mistakes in your letter. First of all, I do not quite understand what you mean to say. You have eight days of leave remaining for this year, which are to be taken before the 31st of December 2009. Now what exactly are you requesting? That you are allowed to take these days of leave at a later time, some time before the 31st of June 2010? If so, it could be rephrased like this:
“There are eight days of leave remaining that I am to take before the end of the year, which would be inconvenient both to me and to the company; but if I fail to do so, I will forfeit my days if leave. I therefore request that you kindly extend this period by six months to June 2010, so that I will not have to take all my days of leave at once and at an inconvenient time.”

Hi Cerberus,

Thank you very much for your correction. Actually, the rest of eight days of my leave have to used up not later than 31st December. If I don’t take its, my eight days leave will be cut-off. It will be started again on 1st January’ 10 with one day leave as my rights. Therefore, I don’t want to lose my eight days leave.

Once again I thank you for your help.