My little Angel.

She is growing so quickly, this little girl of mine.
It seems like only yesterday when she would sit on my knee and throw her arms around my neck, and look at me with adoring eyes.
We would talk for what seemed like hours about all of her childish dreams and worries, and how one day she would get married and perhaps have a little girl of her own.

But nowadays everything has changed so dramatically, and her room is now covered with posters of Tokyo Hotel and other groups, where once only Rupert the Bear and The Wombles took pride of place.
The dressing table, which once was bedecked with small glass figures of dogs and cats and unicorns is now littered with lipsticks and rings and things.

No more the hugs and kisses on my return from work,only a shrug and a begrudging “Hello”.

My honoured place has been taken by a spotty-faced sixteen year old, who has no job and no intention of finding one. He now basks in the adoring glances of my baby.
My little girl.

Did I do or say something so terribly wrong that she can treat me almost like a stranger, except at those times when she would like a little extra spending money. Money to be shared with her “boyfriend.”

But what can a parent do, other to stand hopelessly aside whilst watching all of their dreams melting like snowdrops on a warm roof.

You try so very hard and so very long, to do your utmost for their betterment, and yet it is all cast aside on a whim.
Yet I cannot stop loving this little angel of mine, and I console myself by thinking of better days, days when she was dependant on myself and her mother for her every need.

I feel like a butterfly in a spiders web. The more I struggle, the more entwined I become…

Dear Kitos,

It happens to all fathers and I think it’s normal. Sometimes my father asks me to come and to seat on his knee , I say no and run away, take the mobile phone and call my boyfriend :slight_smile:

Today, leaving home to work I kissed him and he closed the door. Then I though when I’ve kissed him before this? May be a year passed.

But it doesn’t mean that I don’t love him anymore. And it’s the same with your little angel…


Good morning Phoebe.

I understand what you are saying, but Fathers always appear to fade into the background in family life.
I’m absolutely certain that your Father would be secretly delighted if you were to kiss him every morning before you leave, and an occasional. “I love you so much Dad” would work wonders for his outlook on his daily life. Give it a try.You’ll make him so happy.


Dear Kitos,

Of course you are right. I’m leaving home at quarter past eight in the morning, when my parents are sleeping and back to home at nine o’clock in the evening. I have probably 1.5-2 hours to spend with my parents, but I can’t spend all of it with them.Becoming from little angels to young ladies our responsibilities grow. Leaving home at 8 AM and coming back between 9-11 PM we have just a little bit time to spend with our parents. And our studies, friends sometimes take even that little time, and time flies. The next day when my fiancee asks me how was my parents doing, I don’t know what to answer, because I realise that I had just 15-20 minits spent with them. And when I ask the same question to him, I get the same answer.

Thanks God, we have weekends and we can help them at home, to talk and spend time together.

Anyway, I’ll try to make them happy as much as possible. And thank you for the story!!!