my issue topic 1: please correct me where i wrong

[color=darkred]“Laws should not be rigid or fixed. Instead, they should be flexible enough to take account of various circumstances, times, and places”.
Laws ,rules ,disciplines are quite required for our day-to-day growing society; it helps to keep social environment in harmony , in addition it doesn’t diminished our nation’s government because People think twice while doing any unusual activity. “law made by the people itself and they bound by the law”,consequently Everyone should follow the rule which are confined by our government. however it should be enough flexible rather than fixed or never changing.
China government has made one child rule but after earthquake
although they revised there old law in order to increase nation’s population,so law an be changed when they need to be changed .
In every country has their own different laws for different crime like the crime happened intentionally,unintentionally,deliberately or for money ,the punishment should be different in every situation.
Traffic control laws that laws we never want to follow them but we have to follow them nevertheless because they help to avoid mishaps and in addition its for our safety purpose.
Therefore we can conclude that the law should not be the fixed ,however it should be enough pliable.