Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I had today my toefl exam, and ı’m not shure about how ıt went. It wasn’t that hard but ı blocked myself out and ı faıled at the speakıng sectıon ı thınk. Too much stress :confused: Anyways ı wanted to say that as long as you don’t stress ıts to do, ıts not that hard.

Now ı’ll ı hope ıs get a nıce score :slight_smile:

And ı wısh you all good luck!

TOEFL listening discussions: How long should the student’s essays be?

Good Luck! :slight_smile:

heyyy Harmlesssma,

I am taking toefl on 2nd april so can u please share, what was the topic of your independent essay writing and speaking section.

hi ! i plan to take the toefl ibt test of the end of this year but i’m not confident at all …


I’m sorry, i’m a bit too late on answering your qeustion :confused: mine essay was about something like, do you agree/disagree with ‘’ Television and movies cause bad behaviour on young people. ‘’

the speaking part i don’t remember much i stressed alot on that part. i shouldnt have it really wasn’t that hard.

you have plenty of time. Don’t stress, i was planning to take it a year ago but then I sheduled some plans. Suddenly i decided in february to take the toefl test of march 19th. As you see i didn’t had that much of time to prepare , but still i believe it could’ve gone way better if i just stressed less.

So just do your best , here on the forum you’ll find plenty of help to develop your English skills :wink: And have confidence that will help you alot during the test :wink:

I had some stress problems that’s why i failed toefl. I made 73 as score and i needed 80. so i just missed it with 7 points :frowning: .

Reading: 16
Listining: 20
Writing : 18
Speaking : 19

What question did you have in SPEAKING section? Good luck!!!

What question did you have in SPEAKIG section? Good luck!!!

i seriously don’t remember much :confused: there was a conversation of two students which i had to listen to and summarize it i believe… sorry all lost .

I mean there should be the question like- “Talk about a teacher who had a positive influence on you. Describe this person and explain why he/she was so influential to you.” In speaking part. :slight_smile:

Thanks for ur sharing ! i will improve my English untill i’m sure that i can take the exam. i think the more we prepare the less stress we get ,right ? my grammar is so out ! hjc …i have some books for toefl ibt exam ! such as Delta’s key, Baron, 500 bacis necessary …but it’s really hard to start one . i need motivation … hicc

there was - describe the city you live in-

But this was only for a mic. check. i didn’t had any other quetions like this.