My friend said, "Are you coming?"
[size=150]My friend [color=green]said, “[color=red]Are you coming?”[/size]

[color=red]Are you coming? is a question, so shouldn’t [color=green]said have been “asked”?

Not necessarily. Both are interchangeable, though I agree that ‘asked’ would be more descriptive and exact.

Thank you, B.

My friend said “Are you coming?”
My friend asked if I am coming…

and so on.

To my mind, your second sentence appears to be a tad wrong. I think it should read:
My friend asked (me) if I was coming.

Yes, but not always (up-to-date reporting).

In that case it would be
My friend asks if I am coming.

I have a problem in using does especially sometimes i can’t recognize when i should use Is and when i have to use does in making questions . Please help me to understand the diffrences between IS and does . many thanks. … =N&#65306:

one form of one reporting verb, the importance of the phenomenon for the newspaper domain is obvious. Say is by far the most frequent reporting verb