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QUESTION:It is been said,“not everything that is learned is contained in books.” Compare and contrast knowledge gained from ecperience with kmowledge gained from books.In your opinion, whaich source is more important? Why?

Although there is a saying as “not everything that is learn is contained in books.” I hold the firm belief that gain knowledge from books are much better than experience. There are three conspicuous factor contribute to my idea.

The first thing we must consider is that people may save much time if they gain knowledge from books. For instant, scientists spend hundreds of years to prove that the Earth is like a ball. On the contrast, it takes students one minute or so to know the fact. People can absorb all kinds of information from books in a short time while it take us a long time to realize the fact from experience.

As important as the first one, books provide knowledge for us systematically. It means that people can learn knowledge easily with a scientific and effective way. For example, we learn the letter first, and then we learn word after that, we learn sentence and we learn writing finally. It is a right procedure that gains knowledge from books, and it makes people understand the subject better. Study from experience, however, may be chaos and hard to get the point.

A more subtle point which we must pay attention to is that study from books, in general, are much cheaper and easier than do the same thing from experience. Nowadays, people can access a large number of books from libraries and bookshops. Some libraries even open for 24 hours and free for all people. Experience cannot achieve this forever.

There is no doubt that gain knowledge from books own some disadvantages. We can expect that the content of books is limited, People may argue that they cannot find the answer from books sometimes, but they can find that from experience. However, after weigh the advantages and the disadvantages, I concern that books are more important than experience as a source of gaining knowledge.

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