My first voice recording in this wonderful forum

Yes, it’s here, it’s visible, it’s touchable and it’s on the ground - present simple. It has arrived, it has come to my place, it has landed, it has made what was green and brown, white and it has stayed there - present perfect
simple. It came in the night, it dropped very quietly and it stayed there - past simple. And what’s more it’s still coming down - present continuous. Do you know what I’m talking about? Is there a clue in the adjective above - white? Yes, of course I have to tell you that the snow has arrived in the district where I live. No doubt, you’re all falling off your chairs with laughter and saying things like: Oh that, we’ve had bucket loads of the stuff for ages. What’s all the fuss about? Well, that may well be the case but for the people round here, it’s a bit of a novelty. You see, we don’t go much in for weather where I live. It’s warm sometimes, even hot sometimes and then again sometimes it’s cold. But snow, now that’s a different kettle of fish. It’s good for the garden, too. I mean it makes the garden look better. What yesterday looked a bit of a mess with lots of plants in disarray, now looks neat and tidy. The snow has put a neat sort of white blanket all over everything. Mind you, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’ll be a series of shunts, skids and collisions out there on the roads. People sit in their heated cars and don’t take much notice of the weather outside and as I said, they don’t really expect the temperature to change much month after month. Still, as always the children will love it. A few doors down from my house there’s a primary school and I know that at break time the children (I hate the patronising word ‘kids’ that people tend to use), will be doing a lot of yelping and whooping out there. What can I say? Have a nice day.