My first voice message

Hello Everyone:
This is Han speaking. How are you today? I heard that we can now record voice messages. That’s very interesting. I have already listened to some of your messages and I would like to introduce myself, too. As I said, my name is Han guohui and I’m from China. I work for a metro company as an engineer of metro. Please tell me how I can improve my English. I look forward to hearing your voice replies. Best regard .

Hi Han, I enjoyed listening to your voice message. In what city in China do you live? What is your job as an engineer. That word is a little confusing, because we call the person who drives a train an engineer. So maybe you drive a train for the metro company. Or you could be a “real” engineer who designs the tracks or trains or makes sure the entire system is running smoothly and figures out new ways to improve the efficiency. I am trained as an electrical engineer, but I did some industrial engineering too with scheduling and queue theory, so I find that type of analysis very interesting. Your accent is very good, you are even good at pronouncing your "l"s.

Hi both of you,
My name is Amit. Well, firstly I want to thank Luschen who had helped me by preparing my english exam for 4 months. I hope you remembered me :slight_smile: It really helped me to prepare for my english exam easily. So now I wanted to improve my speaking skills

And now to Han, nice to meet you. It is nice to know someone from china. Well, I hope you would tell us something about china, as well.

what do you want to know about china? I’m from china too,

hiPlease listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

oh, is that something about Chinese ancient culture, it’s a really huge question. there is one thing I want to mention is that since we have large land we put emphasis on agriculture more than other nations.

This is wrong message.

Hi Luschen:

I am very glad to hear your voice, thank you for your comments. Hopefully hear your voice soon .
In addition, do you participate in Skype skeaking session ?

Hi Littlemushroomgirl,
Well… I just wanted to know how to differ chinese from other asian groups… But I think my pronouncation wasnt that great… so I am sorry for confusing you.:slight_smile: