My first voice message

Hello everybody ,
This is my first voice recording here on the forum .
The online voice recorder is an exiting tool and I hope to hear from you soon.

Hello everyone!
My name is Oscar and I´m from Bogotá - Colombia.
I wonder if someone could help me with some directions on how to record a voice message…
Thanks a lot.

Hi. There is something wrong with your record. Any way, it was clear.
Oscar Martínez

Hi Oscar,

Please click on to this link and have a look. Hope you have a great time here on the forum. :slight_smile: … o_messages


Hi Omar,

Congratulations on your first voice message. You voice is clear and easy to understand. You are doing a good job. Learning English is interesting, isn’t it? I truly hope that you will soon make progress.

By the way, I am Anh from Vietnam. You may feel my voice is a little bit strange partly because of I have got a sore throat at the moment. But it is not serious. Could you please tell me more about what you do and where you are from?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Kind regards,

Hi Anh:

My name is Oscar and I am from Colombia, by now I am studying Modern Languages (running the 5° semester). My life is simple but busy.

Very nice to meet you, tell me something else about you, please!

Hi Oscar,

Glad to hear from you. As I told you, Vietnam is my homeland. I have been living in Hanoi, the capital city. At the moment, I am in my last year at university and my major is Public Health. I don’t play sports very much but I like cycling. As for English, I love it because English makes my life more exciting but I have to admit that sometimes English also causes me lot of stress.

You are the second Colombian friend I have talked to on this forum. And now, it is my turn. Could you tell me more about your major and your “simple and busy” life? You must be a person who has a very positive outlook on life.

Hope to hear from you soon.


PS. It would be great if you could respond with a voice message too. Give it a go and try the recorder here. :slight_smile: