My first Recording!


My name is Fei. I am from China, I’ve newly found this marvelous webpage with recording tool and then joined you guys without hesitation. I’d like to come here everyday to practice my English.

I’d appreciate all the correction. welcome to contact me!

Every day (a two word expression) means daily/each day.
Everyday ( a one word expression) actually just means ordinary or commonplace.

I’d like to come here every day to learn English…

Thanks Beeesneees,

I’d apreaciate your help.

hi Fei
Im Thu and i come from Vietnam. i have recorded for some time, it is very fun, i like it. As you know, now english is important for people. it becomes the second language in the world, therefore there are millions people study english. i think your pronounciation is good, clear and easy to understand. if you want to practice more and more and if you want to find a partner to speaking, you can contact with me
my iD: thanhan19841
wellcome to you
bye, take care

Thank you, Thu, I am still try my best to improve. I’d like to learn vietnamese with you if I may. And how can I contact you with the id?