My experience of TOEIC


I did the toeic test 1 week ago and got 915 points. In my last test I got 733 points. I used the website at as it was recommended by a friend and I want other people to know my experience.

I needed over 900 points for a new job and really didn’t think it was possible because I only had 3 weeks to learn. I joined worldtoeic because a friend recommended it. I found the website very good and useful. The questions are the same way as in the real test. I did the entry test first and it showed me my level ( my trainer told me I must say estimated level) Then I did the lessons one by one.

After I completed the questions, I could see my level and knew where I needed to learn just as the website promises. When I finished the questions I could see what I did wrong. This is very good. I learnt a lot with the explanations.

The trainer answered my questions very quickly and was very helpful and friendly and his explanations were easy to understand. I also used the English lessons in the area they call ‘Let’s learn English’ and they were also very helpful and easy to understand. The website has two places to learn. in one place I could practice for the TOEIC and in the other I could learn grammar and vocabulary.

I didn’t do the toeic speaking module, but I still did the speaking lessons. I found them fun. I recorded my answers with my microphone. I didn’t need any special software. My trainer told me how it works but I didn’t understand it. My trainer could listen to my answers and then gave me advice by email to improve my speaking. I could also see my speaking level on the performance monitor.

I have tried a few websites to learn English and have also had a small toeic course at a local school. I recommend this website to anyone that wants to do the test or to learn more business English. Its great!

I did the one month membership and it was worth it. They also have a 5 day membership for 10 Euro which is good for people to get use to the questions before they do the test.

My trainer told me most people use the 5 day and the one month membership. There are other membership times for people to choose.

They use PayPal and I don’t have a PayPal account, but now they have changed and you don’t have to have a Paypal account.


Hi Corinna,

Many thanks for sharing your TOEIC preparation experiences with us. Did you also use any authentic resources to improve your English?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Holding hands[YSaerTTEW443543]

WOW! How did I miss this Torsten?? I just found it!

What a recommendation I am so pleased! Corinna actually studied very hard and I was her trainer.

For those that don’t know, .

If I remember correctly, Corinna did say she had participated in English lessons in an English school and later a TOEIC preparation class with another school just before she sat the test in which she scored 733 points. When she came to us she was really uncertain she could get 900 points and really needed to improve her English for a job position.

My point of view was that her English was already quite good, but she had some basic English language grammar areas that she needed to improve outside that of basic TOEIC preparation and that these areas where negatively affecting her overall proficiency. She worked hard both in the TOEIC area and the English support area of our website. I need say no more… she has said the rest herself… Thank you Corinna.

Authorized TOEIC Administrator.