My experience at UIC London

People sometimes prefer to learn foreign languages in their own country, while others prefer learning among native speakers in the country in which it is spoken. I’ ve chosen the last one, because I found it more convenient. I’ ve studied English in London, at the UIC London, and I am very happy with the results, although I have a lot of thing to learn yet…

Welcome Kathy - you don’t say were you’re from?(I’m Irish)

London’s a big old place and watch you don’t finish with cockney accent.(just joking)

How did you find the prices/cost of living?


I think that everybody would like to learn a foreign language in the place where this language is spoken, but the problem is that not everybody can afford it.

I agree with you, not anyone can afford it, but with a little effort and if we really want this thing, we can do it…it´s true that learning a foreign language in the country where it´s originally spoken has many advantages, but you can also learn it in another place, Let´s say I am from Spain, I study in London, and I also want to learn French, why couldn´t this also be a solution?