my essay : The earth is being harmed by human activities?

Some people believe that the earth is being harmed by human activities. Others think that human activities make the earth a better place to live. In my opinion, due to contemporary issues such as global warming, green house effect and pollution, I stand behind the first one. There are many statements supporting my opinion.

First of all, human activities destroy natural resources. With development of technology and modernization of cities, many old green forests are gradually replaced by numerous factories and skyscrapers. In addition, toxic gases eliminated from factories pollute air and water resources nearby. It not only affects the environment, but also we ourselves are subjected to industrial wastes. Deforestation leads to natural disasters such as flood, erosion, high level sea, tsunami which have happened many times in recent years. It is a warning for human beings to stop their unconscious behaviors.

Secondly, although the United Nation appeal to everyone for living in peace, wars are still taking place in some countries. People have to live between life and death. Children, instead of going to school, are always afraid to be orphaned one day. Furthermore, wars affect not only the nation that is in war but also other countries. For example, global economic have many changes after war between US and Iraq. It seems clear to me that the greedy of humans result in misery for that are many people and serious consequences for the world.

Last but not least, despite life seems to be more comfortable than before with advanced machines, we have less chances to approach the nature. The cities become bigger and if we want to go picnic, we have to drive a long distance to find a natural place. Moreover, many wild animals go extinct because of uncontrolled hunting. There is no doubt in my mind that we are destroying what nature give us.
In conclusion, the earth is being harmed by human activities. We have to respect and protect it, otherwise there is no place for us to live.

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