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Some people believe to discipline children in classroom is by applying strict rules. Some other believe that it is better with the presence of friendly teachers. Discuss both views and give your opinion

It is commonly argued that strict learning environments lead to a good academic performance, whereas others suggest that friendly tutoring can bring better results. In my opinion, I believe that although adopting serious regulations in class enhances the child’s learning progress, however a friendly teaching atmosphere is far more beneficial for their overall educational and personal performance.

A growing body of research have suggested that applying strict discipline in the classrooms can pay off and lead to great academic achievements. Especially for young children who tend to be extremely energetic, a strict high-discipline approach enhances their abilities to concentrate during lecturing hours. This result can be achieved through the most common ground rules of a silent calm atmosphere, giving an equal opportunity to all students to focus without any disturbance from their peers . Indeed, a recent research on the psychology of teaching confirmed that children have less concentration abilities in agitated classrooms, which can adversely affect their learning intake. As a result, this can ameliorate their behavior in society on the long run, by learning to respect rules.

On the other hand , contemporary societies are steering away from the severe classroom guidelines of the past. This is due to the conviction that a friendly teaching concept has more positive impact on one’s academic development. Through the prioritization of communication, an easy-going educator allows the students to express themselves, and to learn through discussions and experiences, which is a key element in accelerating one’s learning progress. This approach can also build other essential interpersonal skills that such as self-confidence. Researchers crunched data on classroom discipline, finding that a communicative teaching atmosphere has a significant positive effect on the intellectual and personal growth of a child. What is more, is that such teaching models can prepare students to become successful, confident society members, and future country leaders.

In conclusion, while heavy-handed teaching approaches have contributed widely to the learning progress of a student, there are others friendly concepts that can bring more benefits to one’s development. In my opinion, I believe that an easy-going education approach is more advantageous, because besides the academic progress it can enhance the child’s self-esteem.


Who exactly do you mean by ‘it is commonly argued’? What sources are you basing this statement on?

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I did not think about sources ! i was just using it for some sort of rephrasing replacing " some people"