My English really has been improved a lot...

Thank you very much, ESL Expert, for your reply. It has truly strengthened my self-confidence. At least the sentence is grammatical, even

though not especially preferable. I hope that Maggie, the author of this thread, reads your explanation. Her question has really contributed

a lot to my knowledge of the correct use of the passive. I have learned something from everyone who has so kindly contributed to this



Hi, all

It’s my pleasure to learn that my question has really contributed a lot to some of you. After reading all of the replies, I do not understand them completely. Moreover, I’ll try to get them little by little. Appreciately,if you guys like to show me more details. The replies are really interesting.



You’ve only been here for a little while and you already start insulting Esl_Expert. Guard your tongue, will you? And apologise to Esl_Expert. What’s wrong with you? Why are you so arrogant?


Interesting !

Did you notice my previous posting regarding Ms Esl expert ?

I am sorry both of you (Bonny.vs Al. )did not follow care fully ! Of course ; if I understand perfectly as well !

It is whole over in the world , a very few teachers can delivery the lecture to the students where students can readily interpret the knowledge perfectly or more clear; students can not understand the inside problems immediate which teachers have shown them .

‘ESL Expert’ is exception here ! She can and she possesses that ability -you people really need her !!!

What I told you that is from my 20 years experience(Now I am 44) .3 days ago I joined at a seminar ,who are the most prestigious English language teaching services privately at Dhaka since 2003, I was appalled they are now more interested to earn money as market has created -rather teaching the students ! I advertised forum among 400 students that day !

I did not refrain me saying something at the seminar , same things as I usually say, we must make cordial to the students that they get real teaching in exchange their worthwhile time and money -400 students(min. age 20) were clapping with joy as I told the real talk standing beside the helmsman !
His GMAT score was 740 (he claims), he is proud of that if it was , he can ,of course .

Stop for nothing preaching each other for the shake of 52,000 learners here ,ok ? Pls.

That is true -minhahjquazi .

I’m happy to hear that some people do like my posts.

I have great respect for language learners and would like to be able to help the many very diligent learners who post on this site when I can. I have no respect for trolls and people who do not tell the truth, however.

I don’t post here very often anymore since the founders of this site don’t actually like me very much, and have already banned me twice. (That’s why I don’t post as ‘Yankee’ anymore. The founders will not allow that.) However, the reason I continue to post here occasionally is to answer questions that have been asked and to try to clear up any information I happen to see that is inaccurate. Since I have decades of experience in ESL, there aren’t too many questions that I can’t answer. And I am always very happy when something I have posted helps someone who is working hard at improving their English.

[size=75]“God forbid that any book should be banned. The practice is as indefensible as infanticide.” ~ Rebecca West[/size]

Do we need Esl_Expert or not? That’s the question. I don’t know what to answer. So for now, I’m afraid, you’ll have to take my answer answerless. By the way, I don’t give a damn whether my answer is read all over the world.

Bye sweet Alexandro. :slight_smile:

Hi, Esl_Expert and others

After reading some of the last messages, I feel not good. Hopefully, everyone respects each other. PLEASE do not say something to hurt ourselves. Also, now I hire an English teacher to teach me English, I still have many English questions to confirm. Thanks for giving me so many favors sincerely.

Moreoever, Esl_Expert, I won’t pay you but I would like to give you a big HUG.

By the way, I am thinking that it could happen that people would have some different opinions even though this forum is perfectly awesome. This is what human beings do that we resist on our ideas regardless of other people’s feelings. I really really do hope that everyone does not say bad words to each other.

Thanks so much.


I remember in ESL we say this quite often

“My English has improved alot” or “I really improved alot on English”

I don’t know about ESL in U.K

I will only apologise to Esl_Expert, if she can solve a problem for me:

  • She plays the piano very well. Wait until you’ve heard her play.
  • She plays the piano very well. Wait until you hear her play.
  • You can have your office, until I finish talking to you.
  • You can have your office, until I’ve finished talking to.

Is there a difference in meaning? Or not. Could you give me other examples with the present perfect, concerning my sentences?
If I don’t get a reply for Esl_Expert, I will regard it as an insult, moreover that her knowledge of the English language is not so good as so many members of this forum claim. I expect an answer exactly at 19.00 this evening. Not tomorrow, the day after or within a month. The choice is up to hers.



I don’t recall Esl_expert asking for or expecting an apology from you. I think there are far better ways to ask for help from someone, so perhaps you shouldn’t hold out much hope for a reply. You certainly wouldn’t get one from me, even if I didn’t see right through your little charade.

Is this another bad day for you?

There is no such word as ‘alot’ in standard English. You need to write ‘a lot’. This applies universally.

I don’t know, Ive been using this word since forever. On wiki it’s saying that the incorrect word “alot” is being used more and more often now. I mean no offense but I think the older generation can die with their “a lot”. I’ll go live on, and tell the generation after me* to use “alot” :stuck_out_tongue:

hey just a joke, please don’t take it seriously.

Blue Ranger, you said that you were just joking. I believe you.

I am a member of the older generation. Yes, I shall soon be dead. (One of our elderly neighbors just died this morning.)

We are sincere in hoping that the younger generation will try to speak "correct " English; otherwise, there will be chaos if everyone

speaks and writes in any way s/he wants. Yes, you are 100% correct: language does change. But most people spell it “a lot.” Maybe

in the future, it will be “alot.” But that is in the future. (80 years ago, some people spelled “today” as “to-day.” No more.)

I was shocked this morning when I read a magazine article. Here is a Facebook message left by a young lady (about a murder trial in the

United States):

“think im gonna [vomit] in my mouth over them trying to get an aquittal shes GAULITY GAULITY GAULITY”

Here are the changes to her mistakes:

  1. I’m. (On Facebook, can you use apostrophes? I know NOTHING about Facebook.)
  2. going to (This is not a super bad mistake. But don’t write “gonna” in serious writing.)
  3. their trying to …(Yes, many educated people would write “them.” But “their” shows that you are well educated.)
  4. acquittal. (She could have used a dictionary.)
  5. she’s. (If Facebook allows apostrophes.)
  6. GUILTY. (She could have used a dictionary.)

Blue Ranger, I know that you really in your heart want to write correct English; otherwise, you would not be a member.

See that Facebook message? If you wrote like that, do you think that most bosses would give you a job if someone else

wanted the same job and could write correctly? Probably not. When you get married and have children, do you really want

your children to write something like that Facebook message? The person who wrote it does not know, of course, but all

educated people were laughing at her English.

The people here who answer questions are really interested in helping you because they want you to have a wonderful future.

Good, clear English will help you find a good job and be respected by other people.



Beeesneees, I really don’t know what you’re talking about. ‘Bad days’ and all. I shall have to stop asking questions on this forum and talk more to native English people in this country. And you know, there are quite a lot. What do you mean with ‘I can see through your little charade.’ Bye the way I never expected an answer from Esl_Expert.

I will not return.

Hey James I have given alot of thought to what you said, I feel bad about what I said earlier. From now on I will be sure to use “a lot”, and not “alot”. I will put a lot of effort into studying the old, and proper way of using this language. Perhaps one day I’ll even learn old English. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do promise me one thing, take all the medication the nurse gives you. Live free, and don’t die!

I think you need a little practice, BR! LOL :smiley:

Thank you, Blue Ranger, for your kind note. I promise to take my medications.

Best wishes.


Hi Beeesneees and Esl_Expert,

I give up, I throw in the towel, but I would like to apologise to Esl_Expert for being so rude to her. I honestly mean that. I hope you will read it.