My English language


Hello Mr. torsten, How are you, sir? My English language level is very bad. It is very difficult to improve my English. Please, could you help me to improve my English skills?


Hello Mona, why would you say that your level of English is very bad when it obviously is pretty good?


It is a very good surprise,sir. I suffer when I write English, I forget words meanings, and I forget grammer rules, so I always need a translator. You encourage me. Thank you very much ,sir. I will do my best to improve my English language.


…ah Mona, you see, first aid is given by Torsten encouraging you. If I am allowd I would like to give another piece of good advice; reading: !!Never fear knowledge gaps or feel ashamed!!. We learn the best by making mistakes.


Thank you very much, sir. Thank you for your valuable advice. You are very wise.


Mona, you can improve your spelling skills by using a spell checker. For example, please read Grammer vs. grammar.


All right, the word “grammer” is a mistake, but why could google translator read it? Anyway, I will use a grammar checker. It is really very nice.
Thanks, sir


Do you see what Google suggests? grammer


Yes, sir. That is right. Thanks