My doubts

  1. What is the right way to say: The company has 5 undergoing projects in the country or The company has 5 projects under construction in the country - Both have the similar meaning?

  2. Can you say - The company grew fastest during this period.

  3. What is right - Challenges facing the government/challenges faced by the government

  4. While writing financial stories, can we say - it reported a 5-percent increase year-over-year in its product sales to USD 20 million- is it right?

  5. Which one is correct - reducing the number/numbers of visits.

The company has 5 projects under way in the country.

The company grew at its fastest (rate) during this period

  1. Both are possible.

  2. Possibly. It depends on the context.

  3. Both are possible. For example, ‘number’ if speaking about one site; ‘numbers’ if speaking about two or more sites.