My congratualtions to you, MM!


I just noticed that you have been given the status of Language Coach. My congratulations! But I would love to know how this is different from the previous one?



Just found this thread, Tom.

Huh? Where?

Oh, I see. What was I before??

Hi MM,

Look above your photo. There you are, language coach. :smiley:


Everybody fall in for training, on the double–

Warm ups!

I-me, I-me, Us-we, us-we!
Run-ran-run, come-came-come!


And here I thought MM’s new title might have been a reference to this type of coach…

[size=84]I picked this picture with language in mind…[/size] 8)

Oh lord! I used to work for them!!

Long live the ambiguities of the English language! :-)[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: In the classroom[YSaerTTEW443543]

How are you, Torsten? Long time no ‘see’!

So, how is a moderator different from a language coach?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Tom,

I’m great, what about you? As for your question, since our forum is primarily used by people who want to improve their language skills, the term ‘language coach’ is much more appropriate than ‘moderator’. Almost every Internet forum has ‘moderators’ by default. We have language coaches and English language trainers.

Many thanks for asking this interesting question.

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