My Chances in the SAT (I've got 1910 in my PSAT without preparation...)

i’ve got 1910 in my PSAT without preparation, is there a chance to get 2200 or more in the SAT if i get prepared? is the duration of practising essential in order to improve?


not on your life

you have to try hard

yes why not . You need master mathematics and vocab

if you need further help , you can try online help free of cost with a live tutor on … but you need to take prior appointment with the tutor on there toll free number 1800 710 4625

actually, i was expecting a rational response that stands/based on some acquaintance of facts from a professional , it’d be appreciated if you can justify your comment.

Hi Tariqx,

I do think that it is possible to improve your SAT score if you prepare for the test. And yes, the amount of time you spend on preparing for the exam is an essential factor.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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thank you trosten , i’ll work hard and improve it =]
i read a lot of books, is it efficient , or should i practice the questions ?

Hi Tariqx,

You should do both – read books as well as practice the SAT questions. Try to create a learning system that combines various elements and activities so you a variety of skills.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Thank you so much, im plunged in studies right now and trying to work on the same pace and maintain a score of 4.0 in GPA, im planning to take the SAT after i graduate…

Has anyone else had success with the SAT prep game at ? I colleague recommended it – just seeing if anyone else heard good things about it.

I began studying SAT 1 months ago. If you guys have any useful website on SAT, please introduce to people . Thanks alot!

hey yeah there’s a way to improve your score- try this code for a discount on testmasters!

try this code: 7189284163

i increased about 500 points by using testmasters, and they really helped me a lot…never thought that was possible, since my math sucks…lol

andd they give you candy! haha :slight_smile:

Heh , Dont worry , I’ve increased my score without any course or help…
I got 2400…

I think you can. 1910 without any prep is very impressive! Just work on your vocabulary, read alot, and take SAT prep courses. Even if you don’t reach your goal of 2200, you can still take the test again. Just work on it! =)

=] thank you for the encouragement … But I said in my last post that I’ve scored 2400… So that proves your point one way ora nother…

Oh, right. Sorry - I just jumped to my encouragements. :smiley:
I was just suprised that you would worry. Anyhow - wow! Amazing job. 2400. Goodness. :slight_smile:

Thank you , I hope everyone get his desired score =]