My brother was good at maths, but I was better at history. Help me again with this one, please

Is it correct to say: I was better at history than my brother.
You can say; ‘I’m good at maths’, but is it also possible to say: ‘I was better at history than my brother.’
I know it’s acceptable to say: ‘He has a head for languages/ figures.’
But I want to focus on ‘being better in something than someone else.’ It is not meant condescending.
Would you be so kind as to shed some light onto this?

Mind you, I’ve never had siblings, I am an only child.

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I think it’s perfectly okay say that you were better at history than your brother.


Yes, it’s fine.

If you were to say “…way better at history…” it might be condescending, but it depends a bit on if your brother would agree. “Einstein was much better at physics than his brother” would probably not be considered condescending.

‘I’m good at maths’
In AmE this would be ”I’m good at math”. Perhaps other places are different.


This is perfectly all right and I can’t really see there is any suggestion of condescension. It would simply be a statement of fact.


Thank you for all your replies. I really appreciate it.

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