Must you...? /Do you have to...?

  1. Must you do that?
  2. Do you have to do that?

I was told that 1. always sounded accusatory.
Is that true?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

They can both sound accusatory; they can both sound like innocent questions. The intent will be clear from the tone of voice and the context.

Thank you. So what is the difference between “must you” and " Do you have to"?

‘Must’ is generally attributed to an inner command while ‘have to’ is generally attributed to an external authority, but in fact, ‘have to’ is replacing ‘must’ in the language.

could you send me a free book which contains of all English basic grammar rules.Please give me a reply to my e-mail id at your earliest convenience.Thank you very much.

I know of no such free books.