multiple choice test number 8

Good morning or its in afternoon when you are reading my message,dear Mr.Daerr! I have just taken the multiple choise test number 5.I want to tell you its so great for me that you are teaching me.At the first time,I took the test I received 7 scores.After that I took it more two times and I received maximum scores.You explained so clearly the grammar including so good examples,it was pleasure to take this test.I take the 54th position in your list of 100 students for this moment.I`ll take one of the first position I promise.

Best regards from Bulgaria!
I`ll send you the answers of the other exercises tomorrow.
Have a good night!


Hi,dear Mr.Daerr!
Ive just taken the multiple choise test number 6.On the first taking I received 9 scores.In order to be better in my English I took it again and I received maximum scores-10.It was an easy taking test. I hope you didnt forget me!

Best regards,Peter.

Hi,dear Mr.Torsten Daerr!
Ive just taken the multiple choise test number 7.On the first try I answered right at all 10 sentences. Of course,Ill be more serious and improve my English every day for 20 minutes.I promise.I`ll do it.

Many thanks for everything!
Greetings from Sofia,Bulgaria!

Hi,dear Mr.Daerr!
At the first attempt I took the test I answered correctly at 9 sentences.As usual I take it again and all is clear now.Many thanks for everything.

I`ll expect your comments and next lesson.
Best regards,Peter!

Hi,dear Mr.Daerr!
I `ve just taken the multiple choise test number 10.At first attempt I answered correctly at all 10 sentences.I appreciate your work very much.Many thanks for everything!
See you soon!

Best regards,Peter!

Dear Peter,

Many thanks for keeping me up to date on your learning progress. You can keep track of all the test questions you have answered so far by clicking on your personal progress page.

As of now, you are learner number 44 so keep up the great work!

Let me know what you think.

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Good evening,dear Mr.Daerr!
I think that 44th position is better than 55th.I saw the TOP 100 list few days ago and then I was at 55th position.More work,higher position.I`ll do everything to be one of the best and improve my English.
Many thanks for everything.
See you soon on the forum.

Have a nice and useful week!
Best regards,Peter!