much and many usage in positive sentences


is it ok to use “much” in the middle of a sentence without adding (so) or ( too) before it ?

I have a question

choose :-

I need ( much - alot of ) knowledge to pass this exam.

It is correct but often awkward. Honestly, using “so” would make this sentence informal without a clause explaining the degree. Using “too” would change the meaning altogether, resulting in the notion that you couldn’t pass it.

I need so much knowledge … that success is unlikely.

I would just write “I have much (or a great deal) to learn to pass this exam.”

‘a lot’ (2 words)

Personally, in that sentence I would say:
‘I need a great deal of knowledge to pass this exam,’

It is acceptable to use ‘much’ without ‘so’ or ‘too’, though.
Do you have much work to do?
There is much that he can bring to the company.

I need too much knowledge in order to …or… for passing ( or whatever )

I have now ( much ) and ( a lot of) and I want to choose one of them

I read before that " much" and " many" are used in questions and negative sentences …and can be used in posotive if we put "so " or “to”

is this rule accurate ?

Note my example:

This is not a question.
It is not a negative statement.
There is no ‘so’ or ‘to’ immediately preceding or following it.
It is correct.

The ‘rule’ has exceptions.

Your choice of “much” or “a lot” should depend on how formal the letter is. “A lot” isn’t very formal. Again, I think a revised sentence would be better than both.

ok thanks … what about using " a lot of" in negative questions

“A lot of” is fine in negative sentences.