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The 21st century has witnessed some significant issues especially in cities. One of them is unplanned urban expansion. That lead to some undesired effrects. Some of them are social unrest and increase in crime rate.

To begin with, there is no doubt that it is very difficult to inhibit crime in crowded and unplanned cities because, just police forces and laws are inadequate for preventing crime. For instance, the crime rate is lower in towns and villages than in cities. That is to say, in these areas population is low so there is a self control system is available.

Secondly, imagine you are in somewhere. There are lots of cars and traffic jam. You are exposed to noise consistently. How can you live in there. For these situations that I have mentioned, that leads to social unrest.

To conclude, urban sprawl has lots of undesired effects. Some of them are social unrest and increase in crime rate.In may opinion, governments should handle this issue.

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