Moving elders?

Dear Teachers,

Is there a specific term in English that refers to people who move at a late age? They may be emigrating to another country to spend their retirement life. Or just move to a senior community or nursing home nearby. No matter what, they leave their familiar environment and move to a new place. Can we call them “moving elders”?

There is no set phrase. Moving elders sounds odd; we don’t use elder much these days. We just say they are retiring in Tempe or moving to a retirement home.
Judging from the number of forum inquiries I’ve seen on similar formations, it might be worth noting that English does not seem to me to create compound nouns at the rate other languages do. Such descriptive matter is usually put into a following phrase or clause without fear of confusion:

The man in the green fez, not (X) the green fez man.
My cousins, who are moving to Chicago, not (X) my moving-to-Chicago cousins.