Motorbikes are rented out there.

Hi teachers,

I have translated these sentences from my language. Please correct them.

  1. Motorbikes are rented out there.
  2. Why am I kicked out of home?

Is there a better word instead of “kick”?

Many thanks.

It’s impossible to tell whether the tenses are correct from a single sentence.

If (1) is pointing out a place where someone can hire a motorbike, it should be
Motorbikes can be rented (from) there.

If (2) is a question about something currently taking place, it should be
Why am I being kicked out of my home?
Instead of ‘kicked out of’ (which is okay) you could use ‘thrown out of’, ‘ejected from’ and a number of other phrases. The formal term would be ‘evicted from’.

Thank you, BN.
The first and second sentences are in present indefinite (passive voice). That’s why I used “Motorbikes are rented from there.” and
“Why am I evicted from my home?”

My comments still apply.