Most of us are way too rich!

According to eBay, shoppers will be spending at least $1 billion on unwanted gifts this year. Does this mean that most of us have too much money? I mean, instead of buying something the other person doesn’t want or need, shouldn’t we donate that money to people who don’t even have enough food?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: What time is your appointment with Ms. Johnston?[YSaerTTEW443543]

No, it doesn’t mean that!

It means that most people either have very poor taste or, that they can’t be bothered enough to do a bit of research (among members of the family and friends) and find out what the person which they are buying the gift for, needs.

It means that Christmas is not a religious holiday any more, it got too commercial. Santa with his presents is more important than Jesus these days.