Most frequently used word in phone conversations?

Hi, what do you think is the most frequently used word in telephone conversations?


It’s easy! This word is I, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Hi Sidle Jinks, What makes you think it’s I?

Hi! Sociological researches! :slight_smile: At leaset we were told so when I was a student.

Very interesting topic. I think most people are occupied with their own thoughts and problems so it could very well be that I is one of the most frequently words. Think about it. In most conversations we concentrate on what we want to say rather than listening to what the other side is saying. Sidle Jinks, what majors did you study at university? Was psychology part of your program?

I absolutely agree with you, napoleon_hill_fan!

Actually, I have an MCS degree, and psychology, as well as sociology and other humanitarian subjects (what the British probably call The Arts), are the part of the training course for System Analysts at our university (Sevastopol National Technical University). Sorry for off-topic :slight_smile:

Hello Sidle, thank you for sharing your ideas on this question. So you are a system analyst? What exactly are your responsibilities? Also, what does MCS stand for? I’m asking all these questions because I’m in the middle of deciding which majors to select.
Thanks in advance. Carol

Hello Carol!

In order not to flood the forum with off-topic, I have sent you a PM.


While not technically a word, my vote would be for “um.” :slight_smile: I know in my conversations that that “word” seems to be used a lot!


Hello David, would you regard the um (or uhm) word as a parasite phrase, a phrase that is merely used to buy time to think of a real word? I remember we had another discussion about those phrases here:

So, what are your favourite useless phrase :slight_smile: ?

If you asked my wife, she might tell you that most everything I say would fall into that category! :smiley:

Hmm David, this is interesting news. It means that either your wife can’t decipher what you say or you speak in codes. Maybe you should invite your wife to have an online training session with you via Skype?

Ha! :smiley:

I bet you won’t believe me, but sometimes I’ve been downstairs, and she’s been upstairs, and she’s used Skype to talk to me! I’m afraid we’re both geeks! :lol:

Hey Comenius, seems like you have the perfect marriage :wink: Joke aside I truley believe that communicating in writing from time to time can improve your relationship as you filter out all the little emotions and often cause confusion.