Most experiences in our lives become valuable lessons for the future

Do you agree or disagree? Most experiences in our lives that seemed difficult at the time become valuable lessons for the future.

All individuals in the world confront various difficulties throughout their lives. Sometimes they cope with them easily, but in some cases they fail to handle them. It is of great importance no to lose hope and feel disappointed by any failure. From my experience, I declare that each time we are in trouble and are unsuccessful in solving it, we learn a worthwhile lesson for the future, since we can modify our defects and would not repeat our former errors.

To begin with, our experiences build our lives and we construct our future based on past events. We are creatures not creator, so we are full of flaws and blemishes. As we grow and face various situations, we detect our defects and try to correct them, and as a result, improve ourselves. Therefore, we must experience vast varieties of difficulties to complete our development stage and build a perfect live as much as possible.

Furthermore, we are less likely to repeat past blunders when we encounter the same situation years later. In other words, we utilize our past experiences to avoid repetition of mistakes in future. When I took the TOEFL, for instance, I failed it at first try, because I did not spend enough time studying it and I overestimated my English level. In fact, I thought that my English was good and I could pass it with ease. I also did not have an accurate plan of study. The second time I practiced more with the aid of a suitable plan, and as a result, I got a high score.

As I have illustrated, I believe that most experiences in our lives can be a valuable lesson for our future, because we can discover our faults and improve them and we may not repeat our previous errors.

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Hi Bjeddi, I thought this was one of your best essays so far. A creative introduction, plus some well-developed body paragraphs. It would be nice to have one more body paragraph if you have enough time. A couple of usage errors here and there, but overall I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.