More funny comparisons

Here are some more of my favourite funny expressions:

A job as glamorous as a cold sore
A mouth as dry as a carpet
A smile so brilliant it could be spotted from the moon
A thousand-yard smile
As tense as an exam hall
As unresponsive as a rolled-up carpet
As tough as old boots
Even an amateur psychologist who’d failed at his amateur psychologist’s exams could have figured that one out
I slathered on so much night-cream that I used to slide off my pillows
In apple-pie order
In blind man’s holiday (at nightfall)
It has all gone more pear-shaped than a skipfull of Conferences
Naked trees that look miserably bronchialHas any of you got any funny/unusual/bizarre idioms/expressions/ comparisons/sayings, etc? Please send them out.

Thanks in advance.