MOOR HOUSE. (Part two.)

Philip Jenkins and his new wife Jennie were elated.
They just couldn’t believe their eyes!

The asking price for this fine old house was ridiculously low.
It was just what they had been searching for for months.
A fine old detached house standing alone on the moors.
It seemed like the answer to their prayers.

The estate agent was hesitant when the couple asked him for a viewing, for he had no wish to visit “that place”.
Instead he made the excuse that they were really too busy to offer an accompanied viewing, but offered to allow them the keys so that they could visit alone.
They readily agreed and drove immediately to the moor.

They fell in love with the house at first viewing, and Philip, being an architect, was already dreaming up plans to make the house even more impressive.
They returned to the estate agents and appointed a solicitor who agreed to have the deal finalised within forty-eight hours.
Philip and his wife couldn’t have been happier.
Their very own home on the moor. What luck!
The estate agent gave a sigh of relief. At last, Moor House would be finally off his books.

A week later Philip and his wife Jennie were the legal owners of Moor House.
They hired a cleaning firm to clean out the house whilst they shopped for furniture.
They had the furniture company deliver their purchases to the house, and the men placed everything to Jennies liking.
At the end of the days work they both relaxed and had a late evening meal prior to retiring for the night.
While Jennie was preparing for bed Philip toured the house and ensured that all of the doors and windows were securely fastened.
They were really exhausted after their busy day, and after climbing into their new bed they were soon both fast asleep, when…

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