Moor House. (Concluding chapter.)

The next few weeks passed uneventfully and they busied themselves decorating and altering their new home.

They were so tired when they went to bed each evening that they slept soundly throughout the night, totally unaware of the events taking place around them.
Things were moved around in the kitchen, but each assumed that the other had re-arranged them.

After having arranged the house to their liking they decided to have a house-warming party.
Friends and relatives were invited, some who had to travel great distances, being firmly assured that there was adequate sleeping accommodation.

Everyone had a grand time and as the evening drew to a close some said their good-byes and left.

Those who stayed behind retired to their rooms for the night.
The house slept, but only momentarily.

Guests were awakened by the sounds of partying going on downstairs, yet went they went downstairs silence prevailed and the rooms were found to be empty.
Some of the guests were unnerved and decided to leave immediately in spite of the time.

Others stayed the night, but none slept very soundly.
Footsteps were heard in the hall and on the stairs, but again investigation revealed nothing.

Banging and clattering was heard in the kitchen, again, nothing.

After breakfast the guests left, and Philip and Jennie decided to consult the local priest with the intention of holding a cleansing service in the house, but the priest said that this had already been done several times, without any apparent success.
The entities always returned, however, he was convinced that the spirits were not resident within the house, merely frequent visitors.

“But what are we to do?”, asked Jennie.
The priest replied,“You can do nothing, other than to accept that they will be with you for as long as you live in that house”.

Jennie became ill after this, and Philip spent his whole time tending to her every need.

It was during this time that braver family members decided to help Philip, and they came to stay for some time, at least until Jennie was well again.
Philip was more than thankful for their help. His own health was deteriorating due to lack of sleep, and worrying over Jennies health.

It was June and the evenings were warm and balmy.
Jennies sister decided to take a stroll on the moor.
Hours passed and she failed to return.
Police were notified of her absence and a search was mounted.
It was during the search that the swamp was discovered.
It didn’t take an Einstein for the police to agree where Jennies sister was.

The next day efforts were made to dredge the swamp.
In all fourteen bodies were found, adults and children.
Efforts were made to fill the swamp with stones but it was found to be too deep.
Further work was abandoned.
Autopsies revealed that some of the bodies were over an hundred years old.
All were blessed and laid to rest in the local cemetery.

Philip and Jennie both regained their healths, and thereafter the nightly visits of the dead ceased.

Moor House was once again a home to be proud of, and Philip had the swamp fenced-off lest others might suffer the same fate as the previous corpses.

The End.

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Really horrible. It reminded me of a movie I saw just recently but I can’t remember the name at the moment! Bill, surely you are talented in writing, why don’t you try to write a long story? You may even have the chance to publish it. BTW, thank you for sharing your sweet and remarkable thoughts with us. :slight_smile:


Kitos. Hope you all found the story enjoyable. :slight_smile:

You can be justifiably proud of your stories, Bill. Although the premise of this one is a common theme in supernatural/horror stories, it’s a cracking read with narration and dialogue interwoven to keep thing moving along in a simple yet effective manner.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much Lub. That was indeed delightful. I know it took a great effort on your part to finish it, but you did it with gusto.

Now Bev, how about letting us hear your dulcet tones? You are after all, accustomed to public speaking.

I’ve explained previously why I’ve shied away from that, but as you have chosen to ignore my warning and make another request, I’ll put aside my misgivings and perform oral murder on one of your stories or poems later.

I have to warn you though - expect ‘raucous cacophony’ rather than ‘dulcet tones’!

I cannot believe that Bev. You are a teacher and therefore your diction should be easy to understand, unless you are speaking in Welsh that is. We all look forward to your premier performance.

Hi Mixmixi,
I like your signature. I’ve made some suggestions:

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Hi Richard,

Yes, you are completely right about my mistakes. Thank you for correcting me. Your question cannot be answered by me. To me it seems correct but hope someone else helps us to find out whether is it correct or not.


Hi Mixmixi. The structure of that sentence should be, “it reminded me of a movie I saw just recently.”

Thank you Bev. :slight_smile:


Hi Beeesneees,
Thanks, I was not sure so I couldn’t have nerved myself for making a correction. It was strange.
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In Mixmixi’s sentence, the part you’ve highlighted in bold is fine as it is. It just needs something between ‘correct’ and ‘hope’. (let’s hope…, we’ll hope… etc.)

OK! I changed it. Still have a question that I’ll ask on another forum. I forgot about reading the concluding chapter of this story. Okay, each time, I’ll use one of them depending on my mood. :slight_smile:

My apologies - I incorrectly read Miximix’s sentence. It should have been ‘whether it is correct or not’.

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Nothing in terms of the name… but you may spot a couple of other typos there!