Money and happiness

Nowadays our life has changed in many aspects compared to our grandparents or even to our parents. Technology has changed every things. cities are bigger than before. People usually travel to different countries with plane. Cars are more developed. There are some new machines in our houses such as dish washing machine. Computers, laptops and cell phones are some part of our learning and our work. But we want to have all of these things we should have money.
Money have an important role in our life. A person who have money can buy the things that are mentioned and Poor people cann’t. Your children may want a bicycle and if you wouldn’t buy the bicycle for him/her, he/she may become angry and sad. If your wife ask you to buy some dress for her and you wouldn’t have enough money it may change your relationship with your wife. So lots of people work to have more money. Some times People with much money are considered as happy ones.
But there are some thing that you can not buy with money. Love is one of them. Usually love between you and your wife doesn’t depend to your money. Trust is another example. Maybe you have much money but you can not trust your wife and you hide your money. Good relationship with your friends is another one. People with much money always have some friends related to their job but they may don’t have a friend just for himself/herself.
SO I think if a person dosen’t have enough money, it can have a negative effects on his/her happiness but to have a happy life you need some thing more than money.

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Hi Mahdi, I thought your writing was pretty good. Your ideas are clear and understandable. Your word choices are correct, but your vocabulary is very simple. Also, you have a lot of short choppy sentences with basic structures and not enough transitions to make your sentences flow together better. You also have a lot of small errors that together make your writing sound somewhat unnatural.