Mona 's questions, what is the difference..........

Hi, everyone

[color=red]what is the difference between,

  1. “[color=darkred]on street”, and “[color=darkred]in street”.
  2. “[color=blue]in island”, and “[color=blue]on island”.
  3. “[color=green]on bus”, and “[color=green]by bus”.

Is the difference also due to the difference between British and American English, or what?

Thank you

You are missing all the articles (or other determiners):

“in/on a/the street”
“in/on a/the island”
“on a/the bus”

The only one that is valid as written is “by bus”.

The “in/on the street” question is asked often. There is a list of links to previous answers at www DOT english-test DOT net/forum/ftopic62083.html

There is an answer to the “in/on the island” question at www DOT english-test DOT net/forum/ftopic87681.html

When used to indicate method of transport, “on the bus” and “by bus” mean the same thing: “We went by bus” = “We went on the bus”. If “on” refers to location at which something happened, then obviously you can’t use “by”. For example, you can’t replace “I found this umbrella on a bus” with “I found this umbrella by bus”.

Dozy I am not yet clear here by your explanation.

Partially, because I didn’t try to enter your links that were difficult to select by my browser instead of sending direct link by “send link” option through right click getting your Firefox.

Please try to rephrase that using English.

Would you please get rephrased yourself first? It was none of your business, was it?


Thank you, Dozy for your valuable answer, and links.

About (2), and (3) it’s OK, but about (1) I think that, I need to discuss it again. There is something, that I will need to understand in my next question.

In English, please.

Grandiloquent mannerism, shame!

In English, please.

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“Flogging a dead horse”, interesting.

Thank you Alan, I’ve just learnt a new idiomatic expression! :slight_smile:

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In English, please.

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