Modifier "Any"

Hello! how is it going?

‘It would be a crime to cut down any more trees’

1.- Could I drop ‘any’ in this sentence?

2.- And replace it by ‘some’?



Hi Jesus1,

The idea behind any in your sentence is that it is more than enough. It gives the suggestion that the writer/speaker thinks more trees would be too much.

In this sentence:

I’ve really had enough of this noise. I can’t stand any more noise and I’m going to tell the neighbours to turn their music down , you have the same idea that it is too much/more than enough


Hi Jes?s

Although the sentence is grammatically affirmative, the meaning is definitely negative. In other words “would be a crime” = “shouldn’t”. That’s why I think the word any is better than some. The word “some” would sound quite odd in that sentence.

Yes, you could omit “any”.


Oops, I see Alan has already answered …


I get the point! :lol: Thanks indeed!