Modalidades flexibles de educación

The following sentences contain a main clause and time clause. Rewrite each sentence so that the time clause comes first. Don´t forget to add a comma after the time clause

I came home before it got dark

We watched TV after eating dinner

They went to the supermarket while I waited at home.

We have been going to church every week since we got married

I will call you as soon as I get to work

Mike will be staying at the hotel until thursday

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You want us to do your homework for you? You should try to do it yourself. I’ll do the first one. The rest are done the same way.

I came home before it got dark.
Before it got dark, I came home.

I came home is the main clause. It’s a simple sentence.
Before refers to time. Before it got dark is the time clause.

You put the time clause first, followed by a comma, then the main clause.

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