Modal vs present simple

My president made this statement:

-…tomorrow I leave for U.S.A.

How different is it from using the modal:

…tomorrow I ‘will’ leave for U.S.A


It should be “for the USA”.

There isn’t a great difference. I guess the former has more of a nuance of a planned event and the latter more of a nuance of its being the person’s own volition. The word “will” can be stressed in the latter to emphasise the speaker’s determination, an option that is not available in the former.

As I may have mentioned before, I don’t recommend that you use quotes to highlight individual words in their original settings, as you did with “will”. It becomes potentially confusing. Use quotes when you are discussing or referring to words, not when you are actually using them.

Thanks Dozy.

I am grateful to your explanations.
Besides, thanks for your consistent corrections of errors.

-Tomorrow he goes to the U.S.(I presume this is of a more planned event, whiles the use of the modal will probably bring some kind of a nuance.

Thanks once more Dozy.