Mobile and my peace of mind


There is no doubt about the fact that the mobile has made our lives very fast, smooth and, of course, comfortable. No matter where we are, we are constantly with the people we are not with, but want to be with! Now when my mother goes shopping, or my sister goes to her college, I am not worried about them because they have cell phones.

[color=red][size=150]But[/size], I have got this omelette only after breaking the eggs. My peace of mind is badly shattered. Hardly does it happen that I am not woken up from a deep slumber by this goddamned toy of mine. At times, it seems to ring non-stop. I come back from the washroom and find, to my utter rage, three missed calls and 2 or 3 SMSs. Now I am obliged to call them back all at my expense ( By the way, mobile calls are very expensive in Pakistan) and answer the SMSs. On many Sundays, there are urgent calls from office–means sudden instructions to report to office!Then I ask myself “Where do I stand?” I cannot do with the mobile, I cannot do away with it.

Just some incoherent thoughts!


Hi Tom,

Have you tried switching from mobile phone communication to using the Internet? For example, instead of making a phone call you can compose an email which has a number of advantages over the phone. I’ve found that when you write something down it’s easier for you to make the right decision.

Just compare a phone conversation to an exchange via email or Internet forum. What do you think are the differences between those forms of communciation?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Air hostess[YSaerTTEW443543]

Tom, your problem strikes me as a cultural one, as much as a technological one.

I’ve noticed that in cultures like that of Pakistan or Middle Eastern countries, where families are very close, stay in frequent daily and hourly contact, and exert a lot of control over each other, once the people get cell phones, this family togetherness can explode and become a real intrusion.

One of my close friends is from Iraq, and if she doesn’t shut her cell phone off, her mother rings her literally every half hour! And she’s not a child! She’s a 36-year-old woman! Add to that the calls from her two sisters – several a day – and her phone can ring several times an hour just from family trying to stay in touch many times a day. My best friend is from a Syrian family (actually, they were all born in the US, but they haven’t lost their culture), and he similarly gets these calls from mother once every half hour. He’s 51 years old. I see this happening to my Middle Eastern students, also.

Meanwhile, my friends form Polish, German or Anglo-Saxon backgrounds and I find our cell phones ring relatively seldom. We use them when we have a specific reason to contact each other, and usually when we specifically need to use the cell phone because of the other person’s location. We always worry about wasting each other’s contract minutes, so we don’t use the phone just for togetherness.

A friend of mine sent me the image of one interesting experiment. Whoever’s made it, the outcome of this try is unbelievable. It regards the topic beeing in progress. It’s about how mobile phone can injure us if we stay talking on it all day long.

(There were two photos, but I couldn’t insert the photos because of lack of authorization)

I’ll try to tell in English what there was written.

So we have a kind of recipe.

It’s very interesting!

(One photo is showing two turned on mobile phones put opposite each other and a fresh egg posed between them).
We need:
-1 fresh egg and 2 cellphones.
-65 minutes for calling from one phone to another (better to have free contract for some kind of calling type).
Having installed all the elements (as supports for the mobiles we’ve used empty packets of cigarettes)
we initiate the calling between two mobile phones and let it last approximately 65 minutes.
For the first 15 minutes nothing happens…
After 25 minutes the egg begins to warm up (or to heat up)…
After 45 minutes it’s too hot…
and at 65 minutes it’s boiled!
(There’s another photo showing that the egg between the phones has been boiled)

Conclusions: The radiation given out (emitted) of cellphones are able to modify the egg proteins… Imagine what can happen to our brain proteins if we take to excess using our cellphones and don’t switch the ears every 5 minutes. Imagine what can happen to your genitals if you keep the phone in pocket and speak with earphones confident of having preserved your brain.

(I put the Italian version too in case my English is not enough clear)
1 uovo fresco 2 cellulari
65 minuti per chiamare da un telefono allaltro (meglio se con un contratto che permetta le chiamate gratis tipo You and Me).
Montiamo tutti gli elementi (abbiamo usato dei pacchetti di sigarette vuoti per usarli come reggi-cellulare) come nell’immagine.
Iniziamo la chiamata tra i due cellulari e la portiamo avanti per circa 65 minuti…
I primi 15 minuti non succede nulla…
a 25 minuti l’uovo comincia a scaldarsi…
a 45 minuti ? molto caldo…
e a 65 minuti cotto!
Conclusioni: le radiazioni emesse per i cellulari sono capaci di modificare le proteine dell’uovo… immaginate quello che pu? accadere alle proteine del nostro cervello quando abusiamo del cellulare e non cambiamo orecchio ogni 5 minuti.Immaginate cosa pu? succedere alle proteine dei vostri genitali quando tenete il telefono in tasca e parlate con l’auricolare sicuri di stare preservando il cervello.

So everybody be careful and save your brains!