Methods and advice in learning and preparing the SAT exams

First of all, I give a little my background for you guys. I will be junior in high school in this September. I want to take my first SAT exam in June in my junior year which is 06/2009. I have no any experience or any sense of the SAT now. Also, I am an immigrant who came here for one year.

My first question is that if i take the SAT exam at that time,when should i get started to prepare the SAT exam?

My second question is that because I have no any experience, what is the first step i need to do to prepare the SAT which is that what is the strategies to prepare that based on my situation ?

My third question is that what types of book do you guys recommend to prepare that?

My fourth question is that give some advice for me to prepare the SAT exam…

Thanks you guys…I really need your advice and methods to help me…

Flashcards are a good way to learn vocabulary which will definently be helpful in the sentence completion part of the critical reading section. They may also help in the short passage parts where sometimes strong vocabulary is used.

I find a very good flashcard template at this website: … -template/

they even have directions on how to print them out and everything!

You should buy the blue books: The Official SAT Study Guide by College Board.
Also, you should subscribe for SAT Online course in the College Board website.
Download SAT preparation booklet.
College Board materials are the best.