metaphor or figurative..?

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what’s the difference between ‘metaphor’ and ‘figurative’ expressions?

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Metaphor is use to discribe somebody or somthing of word or phrases that is not meant literally, but by means of vivid comparaison expresses somthing about him, her or it.
Figurative uses figures, symbolism of speech and it doesn’t literally represent real things.

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thanks alot,but I need examples

A figurative expression is any expression which does not carry the literal meaning of its words.

A metaphor is a specific type of figurative expression.

A metaphor makes an indirect comparison, stating that two things which are very different actually appear to have things in common.

‘You are the sunshine of my life.’
'Life is a journey.
‘He’s the apple of my eye.’
‘She was a whirlwind of action.’

‘A sea of troubles.’

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