Dear Moderators,

Very good day.How are you all? I as a new member trying my level best how can this forum be better utilized to develop my language skill.But here I found so many links,so many facets,we most of the learners running after all the links to explore the possibilities which this forum have but I think most of us not getting our destination where to land,how to start,where is my position/level,how to contact,where to get message for me,how to link up with authority etc.So forum authority should come forward to eliminate those doubts and will help the learners by directing them according to their level and desire.Waiting for your sensible comment and logical reply please.God bless us all. Azad

Hi Azad,

This is Mujibur from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Your message drawing the attention of moderators is very interesting. Please keep this topic page “Message” on going. I intend to contribute in this page regularly. I would ask you to join the topic page, “Speaking English for 20 seconds a day?” and hope you’d like it.

Best regards,


Hi Mujibur,

Thank you very much for your invitation to join in ‘Speaking English for 20 seconds a day’. Definitely,I will be there with you to joint and try to contribute significantly as far as possible.Thanks for your comment,our efforts should be to pull forum members together towads right destination.Thanks once again.A K Azad.

Hi Azad,

It’s a real challenge to draw the attention of the forum members, so that they take interest on a topic. Any way, I ponder if phonetics could be one of the prime themes to get inside the core idea of learning English. Of course, I’m not that conversant in phonetics as a whole. But to me that is one of the major area to pay attention by all the forum members here. What do you think?



Hi Mujibur,

How are you today? Hope well.Due to professional commitment I am a bit late in replying your mail, however,my understanding about phonetics is how to pronounce a particular words correctly and which deals with the way speech sounds behave in particular language to establish your good command over English.What I feel,learners at lower level concern with setting out how to construct a grammatically sound sentences but at advance level,like teachers & researchers need to develop their phonetics and linguistic skill well, otherwise, learners of advance level can always do fine tuning of their language by correct phonetics,proper accent and appropriate intonation. We the forum members,as a learner our goal should be to develop our pronunciation sufficiently to permit effective communication with native speakers.Waiting for your reply.A K Azad.

Hi Azad,

I think your level of English language skills is really high. Besides your professional commitments you are paying lot of attention in developing further in English language skills. In your expressions when replying me, you’ve recognized well the importance of phonetics in various degrees for elementary and advance level learners.

I understand, in non-English speaking countries, while learning English grammar phonetics is not given that priority. That is why, the English pronouncements of a native speaker and a non-English speaker is normally sharply differs.

I’d request you to make phonetics a focal point for the purpose of reinforcing each other of us (I mean among the interested forum members) during the exchanges of views. This may pave us the way to practice the usually needed phonetic features of English language at a regular pace.

By the by, are you posting voice messages to the forum?



my best friend is a student of university economic. her name is Thao. I often go to cinema and study, tell with her. Her mother is nice peron, she like me verry much.

Dear Mujibur,

How are you today? Hope well.Due to unavailability of time I couldn’t explore the forum well.Would you please tell me,how should I do fine tuning of my language skill,and will be methodical to proceed further.By the by,would you please tell me how to post a voice message? Are you listening CD’s or speaking 20 seconds/doing dialog with anyone? If I want to do dialog with native speaker what should I do? Please help.Thank you. Azad

Dear Azad,

Pleased to have your message showing lot of interests!

To concentrate more on the learning materials available with this website, please use the various web links related to “ESL Forum” tab. It is important to take the tests as much as possible with a consistent regular pace.

For making a voice message you need to install “Java” and “Adobe Flash Player” on your computer and you should have a microphone to record your voice. Among the moderators, Torsten and Beeesneees answered how to install above soft wares online on some of the topic pages in the forum. Anyway, in the later mails I’ll inform you more on this.

For making voice messages, I listen repeatedly to BBC radio on my computer after downloading a Pod Cast. Dialogue with a native speaker is not possible at the moment. You can listen to native speakers, and then you can try to follow their pronunciation, intonation and accents while making your voice messages.



The steps you need to take to record your voice can be found here.

Some people follow those instructions, but still have problems. Here is a ‘step by step’ guide to problems which other users have had to work through to get their voice recordings working:

Have you installed Java Runtime Environment? This is the website:

If you saved the file to your computer rather than selected ‘run’ have you installed the program and had a message that it installed successfully?

Have you tested whether Java is working properly? The test site is here:

If you do not see the ‘Your Java is working’ message on the above page, have you enabled Java in your browser?
Have you installed the latest version of Adobe Flash player it is possible to run on your system?
Have you ensured Java is enabled in your O/S control panel?
Have you cleared your web cache?

If you receive the ‘Your Java is working’ message, but you are still having problems, then the error is likely to be with your microphone.

Is your microphone in the correct port?
Does your microphone work in other applications? (For example, Windows programs > accessories > entertainment > sound recorder) Can you hear your recordings from these other applications?

Good morning Akazad. I think you are putting the cart before the horse.

Every thread is clearly marked. The title of the thread indicates exactly what is to be found there. No need to go wandering all over the site to find what you are seeking.

To contact ANY PERSON on this Forum you need only click on their name to be redirected to their personal profile. There you are able to send a private message to this person. They can reply back to you in the same manner
You can avail yourself of free voice recording facilities, post your opinion on any topic that you wish, and ask all manner of questions.
This is the most populated site on the Internet, with a minimum of staffing, and yet yours is the first complaint I have came across during my membership here.
Have you filled in your personal profile? Do we know anything about you? Have you recorded your voice yet? Have you submitted an essay during your stay here? All of these functions are freely available to you … you need only read the thread titles. Easy-peasy!


Hi Kitos,

Good evening.How are you? Hope well.Thank you very much for your valuable advice.That’s what we are expecting out of you all old members or moderators to direct us in right direction to fulfill our goal/mission.It will be appropriate and useful for new comers;if somebody from moderators/coaches keep on screening new members by identifying their weakness and instruct them accordingly.Waiting for your view in this regards.Thank you once again.A K Azad.