merchandise management system vs. merchandize management system

It occurred to me that the term ‘merchandise management system’ produces much more Google results that ‘merchandize management system’. I used to think that ‘merchandize’ is the correct spelling.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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To me, ‘merchandize’ would be an fairly uncommon variation of the spelling of the verb ‘merchandise’.

In addition, I would expect the noun always to be spelled with an S, but I supppose there could be a few who use a Z for the noun, too.

(By the way, I pronounce the noun and the verb differently. And, as usual, I’m referring to American English.)

I say [mrtʃɪndʌɪs] for the noun and [mrtʃɪndaiz] for the verb.

I don’t know, but I find no “merchandize” (both noun and verb) in OALD or Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Hi Nessie

I wouldn’t expect the Z spelling to be used in BE at all. And, as I said, even in AmE, spelling merchandise with a Z would seem pretty unusual to me.

If you look at this entry for the word ‘merchandise’ in the American Heritage Dictionary, you will see the variant spelling mentioned: