Medical terminology to use it in the hospital

My coumtry is Arabic

And the general places and govermental offices and hospitals speak Arabic and English

Because English language is the general in the worlds

so, I want to know the Medical terminology to use it in the hospital

I think that I will improve my english by this way

Who can give me a list of Medical terminology??

Just type ‘medical dictionary’ in google of luck, nanucbe

thank you

but I want a list translation from English to Arabic

who can help me?


You can help yourself.
Look here: … rabic.html

You too :wink: Just kidding.

Thank you, Gray. You are a good proofreader. I appreciate this.

Thanks. Readers are plenty :slight_smile:

But good proofreaders are not. You keep me on my toes.

It is rare, believe me, to see Milanya writing not to explain the grammar.


Thank you
You are very kind with me :slight_smile: