Measurement or survey

Hi together,
Could you please explain to me when we could use either ‘measurement’ or ‘survey’ in a particular case.
In my opinion, example, we normally use “hydraulic measurement” but not “hydraulic survey”.
Thank in advance!

Hi hungrytimn,

I think it depends on how you’re using it.

We only use survey when taking a wide range of samples or responses of a group or area. If you’re just talking about taking a reading, or even multiple isolated readings that aren’t assembled together as a single group, then I’d say you’re taking a measurement.

However, if you’re taking a large number of measurements, accumulating all the data in order to get a ‘big picture’ of related responses all referring to one area or group, then it’s a survey.

Could you give us a little more information about the situation? Then perhaps we could pin down which usage you need.

Hi Skrej,
Thank you very much. I get your point but I’m just wondering about my case where I am going to setup a field campaign in an area of 20km sqr, and many hydraulic data will be collected. In this case, when I mention about the whole works, whether I should use survey or measurement?

To me, hungrytimn, that’s a perfect example of doing a survey, especially when it’s over such a wide geographical area. You’re attempting to gather data via a number of measurements to do a complete survey of that region.

Not too long ago, in my area a company went through doing something similar, taking seismic readings in an attempt to locate oil and natural gas deposits. They referred to that as a seismic survey.