meanings of "in my way" and "in the way"

Dear teachers,

Please tell me the meanings of “in my way” and “in the way” in:

  1. You are in my way.

  2. The man is in the way of the bus.



If you are blocking somebody’s way it means that they cannot proceed or go forward because you are standing in the middle of their path.



Can I say: ‘An opportunity had (has?) been put(?) in my way.’

Hi Tamara

I wouldn’t. The word “opportunity” suggests something positive and “in my way” suggests something negative (an impediment).

But you could say “An opportunity came my way.


Hi Tamara,

The expression nearest to what you are asking is: An opportunity/offer/bargain has been put my way. That means someone has done you a favour by making sure that you benefit from this opportunity/offer/bargain.


Hi Alan,

Without preposition at all? :shock:
OK. Thanks.

But how can I surely use the pattern 'put ’ if I have a freedom to omit and there is no preposition to indicate “the place” (to distinguish it from a subject to be put).

Hi Tamara,

Does sound a bit contracted, I agree but it stands up. I’m racking my brains to find a similar example but so far no luck.