I don’t understand the meaning of this sentence:‘What must it be,to be that boy!-to stand in his place…’(Joyce Carol Oates-Challenges)Who can explain the sentence to me?
Thank you a lot for your attention!

What must it be (like) to be that boy (If I were him)
to stand in his place? (If I were to take his place in that situation).

Is that any clearer?

Not to me Beeesneees.

In addition , “the meaning” or “meaning” in Antonella25’s sentence?


‘The meaning’ is correct there.

It’s one of those nouns that in some situations is countable and in others is uncountable. Here is refers to the one particular thing or idea, so is countable.

Here are other examples of ‘definite article + meaning’
What’s the meaning of this word?
‘Honesty’? He doesn’t know the meaning of the word!
What’s the meaning of interrupting us?
With Anna he learned the meaning of love.

I was afraid of that! :frowning:

What must it be like / to be that boy?
The author is wondering how the boy feels. He is wondering how he would feel and act if he were the boy.

To stand in his place…
This extends the thought and makes it more specific. He is wondering how he would feel and act if he were faced with the situation that the boy faced.

‘place’ here is idiomatic, and means ‘situation’.
If I were in your place I would buy it =
If I were in your situation I would buy it.

Any better?