meaning of "would"

I used the word “would” in class this morning to describe a habitual action in the past. Having to explain it, I failed to come up with a better example other than what I could dig out of the darkest bottom hole of my catholic education.

“Lazerus lay covered with sores longing for the crumbs of of a rich man, and dogs would come and lick them.”

Now, I’m sure that the quote is incorrect and that learners will find it difficult to associate “them” with “sores”, but can you think of a more suitable example/explanation?

At night my grandmother would read us a bedtime story.
Each time I visted her, she would have the TV on full blast. It was so annoying. (Stressed “would” ca indicate annoyance or irritation.)
My grandpa would have his tea under that tree.
My dad would sleep all day if we let him. (Could be past or hypothetical future.)
He would bite his nails to the core.

It’s often good to write “would often” in your examples and then omit the “often”.

That’s a good tip and a half. Thanks!